Dear Dr. Benor,

Just a note to tell you I love your website! I am an RN, Reiki Master, Healing Artist, Ordained Minister. Can you tell that I am trying to be taken seriously as a complementary/spiritual healer with that list behind my name? I just returned to school to try and obtain my BSN so that I can meet one of the requirements that the American Holistic Nurses Association has for credentialing as a healer.

I will be using your website as a reference while writing papers for school and perhaps even on my own website and I have clicked on your donation button to help out a little.

I would also like to put your website as a link on my website…OK with you?

Thank you for sharing your work.

Love and Joy,



International Journal of Healing and Caring

Re: Minding Our Business and Losing Our Mind
(IJHC Editorial September, 2009)

Hi Dan,

Reading your article made my heart sing! Well done Dan. This is certainly the most heart-felt piece I have read in a very long time – from anyone. You have hit the nail right on the head. We hope that your message is widely read.

The public preoccupation with “mind” rather than “spirit” is slowly changing. In our own small way, we have fully engaged using Spirit and Divine Love to affect change. This can be seen in a weekly webinar we give on correcting mass consciousness. 

Peace, Blessings and Love to you Dan,

Bob Fritchie


Dear Dan,

It is so refreshing to read through this site!  It’s like water in a desert.  I was escorted to the door of the LAST hospital I worked in for expressing my beliefs.  I am going for a job interview this morning. These people are more aware…or so far… seem to be.  We are in a blinded society.  It is so very nice to get this news letter this morning.  I am reminded…I am not alone!

Thank You So Much,

Your Work Is Appreciated,


Linda H, RN

Dear Dan,

Your mention of the THB site in IJHC made an impact . . . there’s been a flurry of subscriptions in the past couple days. Thank you so much.

Off to read your article on EmotionalBodyProcess.

Many blessings,

Jane Hart


BOOKS by Daniel J. Benor, MD

See Amazon ***** reviews

You’ve done a beautiful job of enlarging the first edition. I couldn’t believe all the additional material you included.

Vicki Slater
Dear Dr. Benor,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your first wonderful book, which helped me put many experiences into context, also helped my brother overcome his skepticism and seek spiritual healing for his chronic back pain!  I will pounce on Volume 2 and send one along to my brother as well!

God Bless!

Susan M
Dear Dr. Benor,

We attended your WHEE course in London this autumn. I have read your new book and was extremely impressed. It is the best. and deepest book I have read within the wider field of EFT books, I. think because it conveys such an all encompassing understanding of the. physical – and spiritual aspects. It is a truly wholistic book and that is what makes it so  special. I felt, while reading, how this book has grown from and is embedded in many years of life-experience…

With best wishes.