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You’re Here Because…

You’re seeking something important that’s missing in your life, and you haven’t quite found it yet.

– You have stress or health issues that haven’t responded fully to other therapies you’ve explored.

– You’ve had side effects or negative effects from other treatments.

– You’re a therapist seeking to expand your toolkit and enhance your work with new approaches.


Let Me Help You Get Your Life Really Well

I’m a very experienced therapist.

Over my 50 years of helping people, I’ve found what works quickly and well.  My long, broad and careful search for the best in wholistic healing means I can quickly help you find what works best for you.


I’m Very Good at This! I’ve Helped Many Thousands of People to Clear Away Their Sticky, Negative Issues.

Better yet, I’ve learned how you can transform negativity into positivity in your life.

Hello Dan, I’m doing so well from our session…My grief has gone. I’m able to eat many more foods without reacting, Everyone tells me how amazing I look. Best of all I feel happy. SO…..well done Dan and a big THANK YOU. Laura
Hi Dan, Thanks for the information about the workshop. But most of all, huge thanks for the healing. I have been remarkably improved. In fact, I haven’t been labile at all since we met. I have had moments of sadness, but my tear ducts are no longer trigger-happy. And this week has been quite a test, as I have been working on dispersing my mother’s estate… but what I haven’t yet relayed is the buoyancy I feel. I’m quite happy and once again hopeful about my life. I believe that it was not just the WHEE however, but your compassionate response to my unfolding, and your gentle coaching
Without needing to address many different issues and details, Dr. Dan Benor in one brief session at an introductory lecture, helped me to feel completely at peace with my circumstances with my ex-spouse. As a result of my feelings changing towards my ex-spouse, he changed his feelings towards me. I am very pleased to report that he and I now share loving and effective communication methods to address the issues at hand with our children. We are once again friends, just as we started.
Silvana Fazzolari
Dan’s WHEE process deeply healed inner child wounds that are now behind me. I’m free from the fear based feelings that caused me hurt, pain and depression in my life. Dan has a wonderful and compassionate approach to self-care and healing, WHEE is an outstanding tool and process that is truly unique and powerful.


I Can Help You Clear Your Symptoms Quickly – With Surprising Ease!

I studied psychology, medicine, psychiatry and many complementary-alternative ways of dealing with life’s problems.


I can teach you ways for healing yourself. I’m a good teacher!

You can use these any time you want or need stress or pain relief. You will leave your first transformative session and notice you are already starting to heal.

I can show you how to clear the roots of your problems, not just the symptoms.

Psychological and physical symptoms sometimes persist because they are trauma related. Trauma is sudden or repeated overwhelm to your nervous system that doesn’t get released.

The buried residues from your traumas may fester and create problems without your being aware of their inner source. I can help you find their source and clear them out.


The bad news is that trauma residues tend to persist and cause health or life disorders.

The good news is that they also respond very well to the newer, wholistic combinations of tools I’ve developed.

Even better news is that these techniques are simple and fast acting.

I’ve learned all this and more from my own personal healing and from helping many others to find their healings.

When you do the deeper work, your symptoms will heal more thoroughly and permanently.

And best of all, then you’ll know how to clear such problems yourself, any time you need or want to do so.

When I Say I’ve Studied and Searched, I’m not Kidding!

I studied psychology, medicine, psychiatry and many complementary-alternative ways of dealing with life’s problems.  

I’ve written books and many articles about these transformative methods.

And my best teachers over these many years have been people like you who showed me what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve Helped Many People Clear Their Life Challenges. I am a Good Teacher!

Chronic illness?  Self defeat? Intimacy is difficult?  Spiritual desolation?  When you have helped as many people recover from these kinds of problems as I have, you are very quick to spot what’s going on and where it came from. 

I Have Great Gifts of Pattern Recognition, to Help You Quickly Get to the Core of Your Problems.

And if it’s a pattern in your life (rather than a symptom) that feels self-limiting or self-defeating, I can also help you with a LIFE MAKEOVER.

It’s not as difficult as this might seem. I can guide you through shifting one piece of your life at a time or in doing more deep and rapid remodeling.

I Offer Transformational Webinars – for Personal Work and For Developing Your Teaching Skills in This Work.

I regularly train other therapists and counselors in these new methods. I’m one of the pioneers who created some of them.

These workshops are truly transformative. Many people look 5 years younger after using these self-healing techniques!

I Help People Connect with Their Personal Spirituality

I used to be quite a skeptic about spirituality. But developing my healing gifts and helping others to develop theirs led me into deep personal spiritual awarenesses. I now help others to connect more deeply and solidly with this important aspect of their lives.

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