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Daniel Benor, MD is an outstanding, well-organized lecturer and workshop leader, enriching his audience with his wisdom, clinical experiences, wit, experiential exercises, and lovely visual images. His extensive knowledge of healing research combined with spirituality is delivered with warmth and passion.

Dan articulately and eloquently integrates the scientific with the spiritual, thus demonstrating that the two need not be mutually exclusive.

Sharon Cass Toole, MTC, PhD
Meridian Psychotherapy Services
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fax: 416-221-7126


Dan Benor was a terrific speaker. He gave two talks at our Reiki Holistic Healing conference. The keynote talk focused on the scientific studies presented in his book. He used many excellent cartoons, to both lighten the talk with humor and illustrate key points in a memorable way.

His more personal talk on techniques to improve healing skills was excellent, and invoked lots of discussion.
Dan was very comfortable talking to people of very different levels of information, for both presentation and fielding questions. As a conference keynoter, his flexibility and his professionalism was much appreciated.

Jessica Miller
Conference Co-Chair
South Western Reiki Conference

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Dear Daniel,

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful presentation to the Institute of Noetic Sciences Community Group on Friday night. I was amazed at our turn out – more new people than ever – and, from what I heard and the calls I received – people were excited that it was YOU who was going to speak. From the reaction of those present after your presentation, everyone loved it. To say you shared wonderful and eye-opening material is an understatement.

Your presentation – light, fun, serious, informative, and stimulating, all rolled into one – was really well received. You certainly had your audience in the palm of your hand, and I, for one, will be anxious to maintain contact with you, to get on your web site and sign up for your newsletter. I know there are several others who will be doing the same.

I hope that we will be able to work out a way that you can get back to Tucson in the not too distant future to do a workshop – I will be delighted to try and facilitate that with you and your other contacts here.

So, again, thank you, thank you, for providing us with such great information!


Susan H. Cooper
Coordinator: IONS-Tucson

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Conference and Workshop Participants

  THANK YOU – from a psychotherapist/ healer working in psychiatry

Dear Daniel Benor,

I want to tell you that I have really appreciated listening to your presentations, both today and yesterday!

Your presence was incredibly calming, not to mention HEALING! What a beautiful gift you have!
Especially your message today touched me deeply in a way that is difficult for me to explain. Perhaps it is the hope you convey or just the realization that there are others working towards the same goal. I am impressed by your dedication to this subject!

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your experiences on bringing together healers and doctors in the UK and really appreciate what you shared with us during the debate. I found your comment regarding sending healing to families, not just the client himself (as healing knows no limits) and your comments about PTSD seen from a collective perspective was immensly insightful! I also really liked your way of saying a prayer to everyone who wants and needs to come along in the healing session. Very smart idea and use of consciousness!

You brought with you such valued qualities to this seminar. I did not expect this and it really touched my heart. I felt quite emotional at the end of the day, so I was unable to express my gratitude directly. I am very thankful to have met you.

 Elizabeth Grønn (Oslo, Norway)

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Hi Dan,

Your elegance at putting this information into words was so profound that I would love to provide this tape for viewing by not only my interested friends, but by the chiropractic students at the college I work. Your slides were very helpful in your presentation, Keep up the enlightening work. I am really happy that you are bringing this information out in such an easily accessible and understandable form.


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Dear Dan,

This is Monica, from the Sunday afternoon workshop. Your workshop was an important experience for me, on the inspirational level and the learning, professional level. The message came from your knowledge but also clearly from the person that you are and shared with us.

Thank you from my heart.

Monica Saurma

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Brief notes on evaluation forms:

“One of the best keynotes ever – Dr. Benor’s discussion on Proxy
Healing, delivered with warmth and wit, pushed our boggle threshold.”

“I liked the clarity of organization of information, and the responsiveness of the presentor to the audience.”

“…gems of insight and valuable information.”

Dr. Benor delivered a stellar keynote citing research material that Spiritual healing by the laying-on of hands combined with mental intent/ meditation/ prayer produces significant effects in controlled studies. 

“Dan Benor articulately and eloquently integrates the scientific with the spiritual thus demonstrating that the two need not be mutually exclusive.”

“Sound research combined with spirituality, delivered with warmth and humor.” (Keynote)

“…helps to bridge the gap between science and spirituality”

“An impressive bibliography list.”