Here are some of the varieties of ways I can help you get to a better space.

– TWR – as I practice it – combines all I learned in 50 years of studies. TWR gives you the tools to transform your life. I can teach you to use TWR alone or with whatever with ways you are comfortable in addressing what you want to improve in your life.

– Installing Positive Thoughts and Feelings

I can show you:

– How to build positive thoughts and feelings that replace whatever negative ones you release with TWR.

– How to create a place of peace and safety and healing – a wonderful place to visit whenever you wish, and a healing place in times of need.

– Creating an inner place of peace, safety and healing

This is a place where you can go to feel absolutely safe, nurtured and protected.

– Gestalt Therapy (2-chair work)

When we are of two minds about issues in our lives, we may have difficulties in coming to decisions on how to address these. People often seek the advice of others in making their choices, including therapists. While this can be enlightening and enriching, it can also be a disempowering of ourselves. We miss opportunities to access our inner creative resources. So before I add my two cents, I can guide you to find your own solutions. This will also teach you to become more creative and resourceful.

– Inner Child Access

We all carry lessons and habits we developed from our childhood experiences. Some of responses as adults are based on these child memory residues and perspectives. I can help you identify which inner programs are serving you well and which might be tweaked, changed or abandoned – to be more in line with your current life, relationships and situation. You can TWR away outdated habits and install new ones.



In my teens, I searched for what I might do when I grew up. I was immediately captivated when I learned about psychotherapy. I couldn’t imagine getting paid for doing something so interesting!

– BA in Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

I was fascinated to learn how humans and animals have inborn capacities for learning, and how our positive and negative life experiences shape our perceptions and behaviors. Stages of human development explain limitations and vulnerabilities along our paths of maturation. I was particularly interested in systematic therapeutic interventions that could change our reactions to our worlds and to recover from emotional and behavioral dysfunctions.

Psychology been enormously helpful in my therapeutic tool kit. I include behavior modification procedures, such as positive and negative reinforcements for learning, and systematic desensitization for traumas. While similar in several ways to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), TWR is much quicker and easier to use.

– UCLA Medical School and Internship at University of Kansas Medical School

Having my MD training gives me a thorough understanding of the physical body, from its chemical and cellular composition, through its anatomy and physiology, and its functions in health and illness. I am able to help people with medical problems to deal with their challenges. I also understand the contributions medications can offer, though my preference is to teach self-healing methods that minimize the need for drugs.

I can help particularly with pains of all sorts because I understand how the body and brain participate in physical and psychological pains. While I was taught in medical school that pain is treated with pain killers, I have found this is often a poor choice. Self-healing methods enable us to identify and clear the roots of our problems so that pains are very often eliminated and pain killers are not needed.

– NIMH Research Fellowship at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute

I took a year off after my second medical school year to study psychiatric research. I wanted to contribute to a greater understanding of health and healing. Most importantly, I learned how to set up and run clinical trials of various treatments.

I have an insatiable curiosity to learn about this wonderful world we live in. As a child, I thought that grownups knew everything and that one day I would be a grownup and I would know everything. There is a little part of me that hasn’t given up on this search for knowledge and understanding of life, the universe and everything!

– Psychiatric Training

At: University of Cincinnati Department of Psychiatry, Cincinnati General Hospital, Ohio; Colorado Psychiatric Hospital, Denver, Colorado; Denver General Hospital, Colorado)

I was fortunate to train when psychiatry was all about psychotherapy and not focused, as it is today, solely on prescription of medications. I learned psychoanalytic therapy (which I find very helpful in self-understanding but not in promoting change), psychodynamic (relationship) therapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and community psychiatric services.

My understandings of how the mind and the body interact in health and illness has been vastly enhanced through these years of training.

– Family Therapy Externship at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic

I came to appreciate that each person is a piece of a family – in addition to being an individual. We carry within ourselves rules for how we relate to the world, plus cognitive and emotional residues from our experiences with our family.

In many cases, the problems individuals speak as much for the unresolved issues of other members of their families as they speak of the individuals’ psychological problems. Helping the whole family deal with their collective problems is often much more productive than working with just one piece of the family. So I can also coach you in sharing the TWR skills you are learning with other family members.

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