What is TWR?

TWR provides immediate relief for symptoms and problems of all sorts.

TWR enables you to release stress, anxieties and pains very easily and quickly.

Join thousands of grateful users who report they’ve had profound benefits from TWR within minutes.


  1. Lessen the intensity of negativity of whatever you want to clear.

1a. Check how strongly you feel about your issue.

Use a SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale) of ‘0’ (not at all) to ’10’ (the worst it could be). To see more details, click the ‘Progress’ button.
1b. While you alternate tapping on the right and left sides of your body, on any part of your body (you don’t need to know any acupressure points) in any way that is comfortable for you:

  • on your forehead
  • with crossed arms
  • on the opposite bicep
  • on your lap
  • with your feet on the floor

1c. Focus your mind on your problem with this statement:

“Even though I feel [LIST YOUR FEELINGS, INCLUDING ANY PHYSICAL SENSATIONS] when I think about or when I remember [FILL IN DETAILS]


  • “Even though I’m feel afraid of [heights/ dogs/ speaking in public/ anything else]
  • “Even though I feel frustrated and angry at my [parents/ children] when I think about how they don’t listen to me.”
  • “Even though I feel anxious and scared and can’t sleep when I think about [my finances/ my illness/ losing my relationship]”

1d. Add a strongly positive affirmation

Examples of positive statements:

  • “I still love and accept myself, wholly and completely”
  • “I remember how good it felt to have a hug from [NAME OF PERSON]”
  • (or substitute any other strong positives)

1e. Assess your SUDS for how strongly you feel your issues, tracking your progress.

1f. Repeat these steps (1a-1e) until you completely reduced the intensity of the issue you are working on.

You can TWR away anything unpleasant that you wish to release.

Negative thoughts, feelings and symptoms rapidly melt away.

1g. It is really helpful to write down the exact words you use.
(See tracking spreadsheet in ‘Recording Your Progress’ tab, item (5) below.)

2. State Replacement Positive thoughts and feelings after you’ve TWRed away the negative ones

2a. Assess how strong your Replacement Positive is on your SUSS (Subjective Units of Success Scale), where ‘0’ = I don’t really believe this at all and ’10’ = This is the strongest it can be.

2b. While you tap again, recite your Replacement Positive statement


  • “I feel comfortable and confident when I speak in public.”
  • “I can look down from any height and feel comfortable.”
  • “I will be patient and persistent when [my children/ wife/ husband] don’t agree with me, and we will work out the best compromise for each one of us.”
  • “I’m concerned about my [finances/ other problems] and I’m addressing them the best ways possible, and [enjoying my life in the fullest ways that I can/ giving thanks for the positives in my life].”

2c. Followed by your positive affirmation, which makes your Replacement Positive stronger:

“I still love and accept myself…”
(Or whatever else works for you)

2d.  Again assess your SUSS.

2e. Repeat this process  (2a – 2d) until your positive statement is as strong as you can make it. You may be surprised to see it rise higher than the ’10’ you expected.[/checklist]

With TWR you invite new options into your life, new ways for relating to yourself, to other people and to the world.

3. TWR Levels

TWR1 provides basic, immediate relief for symptoms and problems of all sorts. (Details in section 1 above)

TWR2 enables you to identify and clear deeper roots of your problems so they don’t return to bother you any more.

TWR2 is often a transformative experience

  • Many people look 5 years younger after a TWR workshop
  • You can remain centered when you are under stress
  • Your relationships improve
  • You can free yourself from physical and psychological pains[/checklist]

TWR2 usually works much better when you have the help of a facilitator.

Dr. Benor is available in person (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) and by phone or Skype to help you start and deepen your TWR experience.

Click below to book a consult with Dr. Benor.

4. TWR Demonstration Video

Dr. Benor is available in person (Guelph, Canada) and by phone or Skype to help you start and deepen your TWR experience.

Click here to book a consult with Dr. Benor.

5. Recording your progress

5a. Writing down what you are saying is extremely helpful in many ways.

  • If your focusing statement and affirmation are working well, you will be able to use the exact same words again
  • If your focusing statement and affirmation are not working well, you will be able to tweak your words so they work better
  • You will have a journal of your progress if you save these notes from your session
  • In the future, if you are working on something similar, you will have a record of what worked well before.

5b. Following your progress with the SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale)

Before you start tapping on your problem issues and after you recite your positive affirmation, check how strong your feelings are about your issues and write them down.Track how the numbers go down till they reach ‘0’.

Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel sheet)

5c. Following your progress when you install ‘Replacement Positives’ with the SUSS (Subjective Units of Success Scale)

Before you start tapping on your replacement positive and after you recite your positive affirmation, check how strong your feelings are about your replacement positive and write it down. Track how the numbers go up till they reach ’10’ or higher.

5d. A voice recording of your  focusing statement and affirmation can be helpful.

  • You may find it helpful to have voice guidance when you are tapping, to keep you on track with your focusing statement and affirmation
  • You may find a voice record helpful in the same ways that written records can be helpful
    Once you know the TWR method, or if you download the .pdf of this app, you can use your mobile phone voice recorder for this.


6. If you get no change with tapping

If your SUDS is not coming down, or if your SUSS is not going up, here are steps you can take:

6a. Give yourself a massage at the tender spot releasing points


6b. Review your focusing statement and affirmation to see if you can make them clearer and stronger.

See section 3, above.

7. Ways Dr. Benor can help you

An option for help with complex or long-standing issues is to have guidance from Dr. Benor.  The TWR method is so simple to use that phone or Skype sessions are as effective as in-person meetings for guidance in focusing your mind and using powerful affirmations to clear your bothersome issues.

In a personal consultation, I can offer help in many  ways:

7a. You want to explore the full potentials for using TWR

I can suggest varieties of ways to use TWR that you may not think of yourself.

  • I can guide you in focusing your mind and using powerful affirmations to clear your problems.
  • This is just like the ways you can get help from a personal coach to figure out the best exercises to build your physical strength, flexibility and agility.

7b. You find that certain problems respond only part-way to TWR

I can suggest ways to identify why your inner self is hesitant to change.

  • If you use TWR on your symptoms of anxiety or pain but find you can’t decrease them past a certain point, you can benefit from my experience of many decades of helping people to heal.
  • You may be so used to responding in your usual ways that it will take a person with a new perspective to help you figure out how to work things out differently.

I can suggest many ways to sharpen the focus of your self-healing approaches.

  • You may have questions about your best choices in using various parts of the TWR method. For instance, your pain may be so troublesome that you really want immediate relief. You may wish to get guidance on how much to reduce it – while still leaving room to dialogue with it for the deep inner messages it may be able to give you.

I can advise you on your best choices in using TWR tools.

  • Which part of your problems to address first and which to build up to gradually, in step-wise manner may be a challenge.
  • Working on your relationships can raise tricky questions of who is responsible for doing what.

I can point out ways you can tap to reduce tensions, anxieties, frustrations, resentments and more.

  • You may have anxieties about letting go of your anxieties, which prevent you from getting the full benefits of TWR.
  • You may need to address core beliefs or doubts about yourself and your abilities to change before you can enjoy the full benefits of TWR.

I can help you figure out the best and strongest positive statements for replacing the negatives you have released.

  • Installing positive thoughts and feelings may be a new concept for you.
  • You may sell yourself short, not building your positives as strongly as you can

7c. Issues from earlier in your life  are impacting on your current life]

I can thoroughly review and discuss your life history with you.

  • It is often difficult  to see within oneself how experiences at any time earlier in your life may have left you vulnerable to later stresses and pains.
  • As a highly trained therapist, it is much easier for me to identify these important details.

I can often help you  figure out complex problems and to clear both present and past hurts and fears much more quickly than you may do on your own.

  • You may have been bullied – in school, in your family or at work. This may block you from being assertive. In later life, your inner self may want to help you see you are selling yourself short and not getting all you can out of life.
  • Your pains or anxieties may be “phone bells” or alarms from your inner self, inviting you to explore and clear  old issues like these.

I can point out connections like these that you may have overlooked, because they are like familiar wallpaper in the rooms of your memory.

You don’t notice these because they are so much part of your inner structure.

  • You may have witnessed or experienced an auto accident or other violence as a child. It may have been the best thing for you to bury your pain and fear back then, because you had no skills or supports to deal with them. If you witness or experience a similar accident or violence later in life, you may have a very strong reaction to it – without understanding why.

7d. You don’t trust that you’re accurately hearing or understanding your inner voices (of pain or other inner messages).

I can coach and guide you through TWR to help you connect with your inner wisdom and strengthen your abilities and confidence in doing so.

7e. You’re anxious about addressing very sensitive issues that you’ve had for a long time, that make you nervous.

Having my help to guide and support you through the TWR process can ease you into using TWR and help you build your confidence in reducing your anxieties.

I can also guide you in using TWR to reduce your meta-anxieties about using TWR before you proceed to address the anxieties and meta-anxieties that led you to seek help with them.

7f. Relationships can present complicated issues that are challenging to sort out.

You may get anxious or upset and find it difficult to deal with these.

I can point out ways you can TWR away tensions, anxieties, frustrations, resentments and more – to improve your relationships.

7g. Installing positive thoughts and feelings may be a new concept for you.

I can help you figure out the best and strongest positive statements for replacing the negatives you have released.

8. Special Focus Apps

Special focus apps can guide you through specific issues and approaches for quicker and deeper management of your problems. You will find these particularly helpful and well worth purchasing if your issues are more complex or have been present a long time.

Those that are linked are available for immediate download. Those followed by a ‘+’ are in the pipeline for publication. The remainder will be available soon.

(* = coming soon)


  • Confidence building
  • Enhancing performance – speaking
  • Enhancing performance – sports
  • Place of peace, safety and healing +

Let us know if you have problems that are not on this list so we can prepare more apps to help you.

9.  The TWR book

The TWR book explains in detail how to use TWR for physical and psychological pains of all sorts.

I have been pleased to receive notes of thanks for help received through my books and website, when I never met the writers.

I have also received notes from people asking for further explanations, because the materials provided didn’t meet their particular needs. This is one of the reasons I created this TWR App.

Purchase the TWR book

10. Disclaimer

For a medical condition you should see a qualified medical practitioner.

If you have suffered severe and/or prolonged, repeated trauma or serious psychological problems, the help of a therapist is advised for the use of TWR.

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