Hello Dan, I’m doing so well from our session…My grief has gone. I’m able to eat many more foods without reacting, Everyone tells me how amazing I look. Best of all I feel happy. SO…..well done Dan and a big THANK YOU. Laura


Hi Dan, Thanks for the information about the workshop. But most of all, huge thanks for the healing. I have been remarkably improved. In fact, I haven’t been labile at all since we met. I have had moments of sadness, but my tear ducts are no longer trigger-happy. And this week has been quite a test, as I have been working on dispersing my mother’s estate… but what I haven’t yet relayed is the buoyancy I feel. I’m quite happy and once again hopeful about my life. I believe that it was not just the WHEE however, but your compassionate response to my unfolding, and your gentle coaching


Without needing to address many different issues and details, Dr. Dan Benor in one brief session at an introductory lecture, helped me to feel completely at peace with my circumstances with my ex-spouse. As a result of my feelings changing towards my ex-spouse, he changed his feelings towards me. I am very pleased to report that he and I now share loving and effective communication methods to address the issues at hand with our children. We are once again friends, just as we started.
Silvana Fazzolari



Dan’s WHEE process deeply healed inner child wounds that are now behind me. I’m free from the fear based feelings that caused me hurt, pain and depression in my life. Dan has a wonderful and compassionate approach to self-care and healing, WHEE is an outstanding tool and process that is truly unique and powerful.


Dear Dan,
I’m continually amazed with the results of the WHEE session you did with me in Phoenix. Every time I revisit the event of losing my beautiful home, I see it as a beautiful memory forever filed in my consciousness as an achievement, to have known, felt and experienced.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
 (Mary lost her home and all its contents in Hurricane Katrina.)



“Dan Benor has taken me deeper in clearing core level traumas than anyone else – of the many I have worked with over the years. He is a caring and masterful therapist and teacher, who gets to the bottom of troubles simply
and elegantly.”
Michael Reddy, PhD


Dear Dan,
The way you worked with me in such a nurturing and gentle way using the WHEE process has been very healing.  I can’t believe that in less than one hour using the tapping, affirmations and coaching WHEE allowed me to move from a place of fear, anger and grief with regards to the abuse to one of forgiving myself.  That is a place in all my therapies that I have never been… Even when I write this letter I feel emotional but joy for this healing. 
Ramona Rand